Racer Gate Information:

Getting into the paddock-Once you get your wristband, you will have 24 hour access though the main security gate. You must have your individual credentials (waver signed, gate fee ($30.00 three days, 25.00 two days or $15.00 day) and wrist band. There are dedicated spots for vehicles with trailers to temporally pull through and park in front and to the right of the main gate while you register. AHRMA registration will be in the administration building to your right.

Hours: This is important!

AHRMA registration hours will be:

Thursday: 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am to 9:00 pm

Saturday: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm

Sunday: 7:00 am to 10:00 am

Camping is permitted in pits but under no circumstances are the use of stakes permitted for obvious reasons (but we are required by UMC to let you know).

We know you have been on the road for quite a while and will do our best to accommodate late arrivals up to a reasonable point after hours. At some point we need to hit the sack too! Gate security will call one the AHRMA volunteers and we will meet you at the gate and take care of the necessary paperwork due to liability issues for both AHRMA and Miller Motorsports Park. After hours the security guard will direct you to a spot outside the gate where you can spend the night.

Paddock Details:

There is no charge for overnight vehicles unless you have reserved one of the dedicated RV sites with electricity. Your pit spaces are first come first pick.

RV sites with electrical hook-up are $45.00 night and you must make reservations through Utah Motorsports Campus. The contact for RV spaces with electrical hook-up is:

Reservation contact:

Kristy Ogden
Utah Motorsports Campus
2901 N. Sheep Lane, Tooele, UT 84074

There are two free hot shower facilities at Utah Motorsports Campus with 24 hour access. One is located on the west side of building housing the Ace Café and medical center and the other is toward the grandstand near the west track. Restrooms are located at either end of the day garages.

Pets: Well behaved pets are allowed but must be leashed at all times. We do not want an incident where an unrestrained dog in the paddock causes someone to crash. Please be courteous and pick up after your pet-we do not want to lose this privilege.

Food: The Ace Café offers coffee, breakfast and lunch and is located west of the GP Garages. There is a decent number of restaurants in Tooele and of course downtown Salt Lake City. Saturday night remember to attend the Awards Dinner catered by Famous Dave’s Bar-b-que. This will be a private event for all racers and their guests, volunteers, and AHRMA officials under the canopy on top of the East GP Garages. We have many really cool motorcycle related door prizes donated that Motorcycle Classics Magazine has procured for us. Sponsors and vendors have donated door prizes as well. We want this to go smoothly and quickly and don’t want to be chasing people around the pit for door prizes so we ask that you must be present to win. If you are not there, the prize will be awarded to the next draw.

Fuel: The following Sunoco Fuel is available at the self service 24 hour island located north/west of the West Day Garages:

  • Diesel
  • 85 Unleaded
  • 91 Unleaded
  • 110 Leaded Race Fuel
  • 260 GT Unleaded Oxygenated Race Fuel
  • 260 GTX Unleaded-Non Oxygenated Race Fuel

Additional Information

AHRMA will be conducting their race school on Friday September 2nd which includes a mock race. If you pass, you can race Sat. and Sun.

AHRMA Forms and Resources for Racers

Bonneville Vintage GP Contacts

Tom Kullen-Event Coordinator

Ken Wheadon: Motorcycle Classics Magazine Vintage Bike Show Organizer (Utah)
Phone: W: 801.466.6292

Dave Lamberth: Executive Director AHRMA
Phone: W: 801.466.6292

Cindy Cowell: AHRMA Roadrace Director
Phone: W: 910.253.8313

Dave Klar – Webmaster

Bonneville Vintage GP Garage Rental

This is important if you want a garage at Miller Motorsports Park as they start to go fast once we hit August. These are the cleanest most beautiful high tech garages you will find at any track in the United States-period!! Here is the good news:

While everything else in the world has gone up in price-the garages at Miller have gotten so reasonable that you have to have one!

Here is the difference:

GP Garages: There are 24 GP garages that can be rented. The big advantage of the GP garages is that they have through garage doors that allow direct access between the paddock and hot pit. They are 15 x 34, and typically accommodate 4 bikes nicely. Each has their own private restroom, janitorial service daily, is brightly lit, air conditioning, compressed air, running water, LCD Flat Screen TV, live PA, multiple electrical outlets, and power for tire warmers.

GP Garages rent for $100.00/day – See Photos

East Day Garages: These are 20×30 and back to back in a large common area with the bays separated by paint lines and doors facing south and north. The south doors face the track. Typically these can fit up to 4 bikes. Please make sure you rent a spot in the East Day Garages as they service the East Track. There are 20 of them in each of two buildings (East & West). They have air conditioning, outlets, compressed air, power for tire warmers, LCD flat screen TV, is brightly lit, power for tire warmers and restrooms on each end of the building. They even have GoJo at the sinks. PA is live in them as well.

Day Garages rent for $50/day – See Photos

RV/Power (16×44) $45/Day
RV/No Power (16×44) $25/Day
RV/Power Pull Thru (16×88) $55/Day
RV/No Power Pull Thru (16×88) $35/Day
Pit Space (12×45) $35/Day

For GP and Day Garage rental, please contact:

Kristy Ogden
Utah Motorsports Campus
2901 N. Sheep Lane, Tooele, UT 84074

Bonneville Vintage GP Track Information

AHRMA will be on the more technical East Track for all three days

(Click the map for a larger version in .jpg format)

Track Length: 2.24 miles long
East Track Straight Length: 1800 feet

Track Width:

40-50 feet



Elevation for jetting:

4550 feet

Elevation Changes:


Special Features:

50 ft. wide 9 Degree Banked Corner

3 turn esses

7 overtaking places

6 straights 1,475 ft



Directions to the Track at Miller Motorsports Park


Salt Lake City Airport and East


Wendover and West

1.) Drive west on Interstate 80 for

approximately 26.5 miles.

1.) Merge east on Interstate 80 towards

Salt Lake City.

2.) Take Exit 99 (Highway 36) and

drive approximately 3.2 miles.

2.) Take Exit 84 towards Grantsville.

3.) Turn right on Highway 138 and

drive approximately 4.8 miles.

3.) Turn right onto Highway 138/ East

Main St. (through Grantsville)

4.) Turn left on Sheep Lane and drive

.7 of a mile.

4.) Turn right onto Sheep Lane.


2901 N. Sheep Lane

Tooele, Utah 84074