The Superside America modern racing sidecar is very different from vintage sidecars. The sidecar is an integral part of the machine, the wheels are wide with a flat profile and the whole machine is very low, with the engine behind the driver.

Front Wheel

The front suspension and steering is very similar to a Formula 1 chassis. The front wheel is connected to the chassis with chromemoly steel wishbones. Steering uses a link system connecting the handlebar to the steering hub, called center-hub steering. This means the steering is done by turning the wheel directly, without any gearing.

Adjustments allow different settings to be applied to the front wheel to maximize tire grip. The brake is a ventilated steel disc with a four-pad caliper.

Rear Wheel

The rear wheel is the only drive wheel, powered by the chain directly from the engine. Changing the rear sprocket size alters the final gearing. The rear brake is identical to the front brake.

Sidecar Wheel

The sidecar wheel has no suspension; it is mounted solid to the chassis. Only the wheel angle can be adjusted, not only for the best grip, but also to help ‘steer’ into right-hand corners.

For left-hand corners, the sidecar wheel is normally in the air! The sidecar wheel brake is a solid (non-ventilated) disc with a two-pad caliper.