A 1970 BMW R 75/5 to the northwest of the race course

Run for Land Speed Records

Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, The AMA Land Speed Grand Championship, is the premier motorcycle land speed racing event. This AMA and FIM sanctioned event offers AMA national and FIM world record opportunities. Contenders in many classes, including streamliners biding for the absolute world record, will be there. Everyone can have a shot at the course. You can ‘Run Watcha Brung’ or take a shot at records!

Click Here to for detailed information at: BonnevilleSpeedTrials.com

Bike Plate Numbers must be digits only and not higher than 999. Please include additional choices you would like. These can be changed using tape in front of, or behind, you regular plate number. Coordinate with Bonneville Speed Trials to resolve any conflicts. Your number can be made with magic marker on a piece of white paper covering your regular number plates as it only has to stay together for two passes on the track.

Bonneville Speed Trials will handle the registration and tech inspection on the Salt.

MX/trials tires are not allowed this year. Either DOT or race tires are required. If you are planning on running an off road bike, this might be a good time to invest in a set of dirt track tires and start a new racing endeavor after this event.

Where to Stay

The best place will be Wendover, an interesting little town which is half in Utah and half in Nevada. The town played an interesting part in helping end WWII for history buffs. The casinos have good weekday rates and is about 5 miles from the track.

There is primitive camping at an area known as “bend in the road” near the entrance to the Bonneville Salt Flats. It has no support, but Wendover does have a KOA.

Bikes and trailers can be left in the pits and there is security all night. There is no overnight tent or RV camping in the pits. This is a BLM regulation and it is enforced.

The Track

The track opens at sunrise and closes at sunset. The Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials will be running on the “Run-Whacha-Brung” track, which is a one mile acceleration, one kilometer trap and three mile deceleration.

The pits are quite full and can be a mile long. Bring some form of pit transportation if you want to get around and see everything.

The most important pit rule: Nothing can drip on the salt! Bring a blue tarp (about $10 for a 10×20) for the bike and pit maintenance. After speed week is over, the BLM inspects the pit area.

The Sun

Weather should be 85 to 95 and clear. The white salt reflects most of the sun’s damaging rays, so you will get a double dose. Wear light colored long everything, big hats with neck protection, lots of sunblock (fair skin folks should consider zinc-oxide cream) and a minimum of a gallon of water per person per day. Heat stroke is very real on the salt. This is the most dangerous part of the event.

Bring Some Shade

Pop-up tents are a must. The stakes that come with the tent will not work on the salt. Bring long decking spikes or re-bar spikes. If the wind gets your tent, it won’t stop until it crosses the state line!

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